The fact that grieves me the most, is the lack of photographs. There are so many photographs that I would like to have, of family members and the places where they lived.

If you have any photographs that you would be kind enough to share, please email
them to me by clicking on the email link.

We never know how much time we have on this earth and apart from a plaque or lonely
stone in a cemetery we don't leave much behind. By making any photographs or information, part of the public domain we protect our family history.

It is important to leave a footprint. It's not only the famous who should be remembered, it
is everyone who draws breath.

Please click on the link if you have anything that you can help to add to this site and if you have any photographs, or family stories - I will be eternally grateful!

As the site develops, I intend to create a more detailed photo albumn.


I would be grateful for any information on the following people

Catharine Walsh Jones
Sarah Vallenduc
Harry Charles Tasker Gray
John James Pratt

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