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In this manner you will be able to navigate through
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To read more about a particular individual and to see any associated photographs, you can navigate to the person of interest by clicking on the "Individuals" tab in the left hand menu. You will be able to return to the family group in the tree if you wish by clicking on the "view family group in the tree" link on that page.

At this point, the site is still very much under construction, but I am working
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Head of Family:
Abbott, Charles - born 1742
Abbott, Charles - born 1762.
Abbott, Charles - born 1803
Abbott, Charles - born 1826
Abbott, Charles Stuart Aubrey - born 1834
Abbott, Edwin - born 1847

Abbott, Isaac - born 1788
Abbott, James (a Twin) - born 1865
Abbott, James - born 1895

Abbott, John - born 1624
Abbott, John - born 1658
Abbott, John Henry - born 1796
Abbott, John - born 1758
Abbott, John - born 1799

Abbott, Robert Holford - born 1821
Abbott, Thomas - born 1698
Abbott, Thomas - born 1622

Abbott, Selina - born 1857

Alderman, James - born 1854

Blandford, James - born 1784

Bucke, Elias - born 1590
Bucke, Thomas - born 1626

Gray, Donald - born 1919
Gray, John Alfred Richard - born 1882
Gray, John Thomas - born 1853
Gray, John Thomas - born 1826
Gray, William Holford Isaac (a Twin) -born 1895

Pratt, John James - born approx 1847

Smith, Frederick Ellis - born 1873
Smythe, John Rowland - born 1806