This is a free and secure site where you can not only build your family tree but create your own website where you can invite family and friends to view and share your information. What I really like about this site is that they have a geneology search engine which hunts down information on the internet and lets you know in a few minutes where it was found. You will need to install a small program which only takes a few seconds. Family photos uploaded to your family site can use their face recognition technology. By sharing facial templates among users it can help you identify mystery people in your photos which may be held in other users’ photo albums. The team is based near Tel Aviv in Israel. The site was founded by a team of people with a passion for geneology and a strong grasp of internet technology.
This has to be the largest list of genealogy sites on the internet. It is categorised and cross referenced and you could happily spend weeks on this site, following the links.
This site is run by the Church of the Latterday Saints (the Mormons). This site has a huge database at their disposal. It is a free site and can be a gold mine for birth, baptismal and death/burial records. It is a great site for identifying children of the same parents or finding the parents of your ancestor. It is good to be aware that the information provided is sometimes a rough guide. You may find that some of the dates are not totally correct (I looked up my father and found that he was listed as having passed away 10 years before he actually did). It is a really good place to get started though.
Although most of the site will require payment for any documents, The National Archives allows you to view the British census results for free. You can find a treasury of information on their site and you can pay as you go. Once you have paid for an on line document, it is ready for download instantly.