This list is currently a work in progress. Eventually all of the names will be linked to the family group to which they belong.

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Abbott, Alexander b. 1736
Abbott, Alexander
Abbott, Alfred Thomas b. 1857 - a twin
Abbott, Alice b. 1860
Abbott, Alice b. 1757
Abbott, Alice Bunce b.1792
Abbott, Alice Elizabeth b. 1760
Abbott, Alison
Abbott, Ann b. 1693
Abbott, Ann b. 1696
Abbott, Archie b.1893
Abbott, Audrey Mary Florence b.

Abbott, Cate b.1857 - a twin
Abbott, Catherine Alice b.1802
Abbott, Catherine Julia b.1855
Abbott, Cecilia Alice b.1792
Abbott, Charles b.1742
Abbott, Charles b. 1788
Abbott, Charles b.1826
Abbott, Charles b. 1803

Abbott, Charles b.1860
Abbott, Charles b. 1762 - First Baron Tenterden
Abbott, Charles b.1838
Abbott, Charles Stuart Aubrey b.1834
Abbott, Charles Stuart Henry b.1865
Abbott, Clara
Abbott, Edwin b.1847
Abbott, Elizabeth b.approx 1700 (no maiden name known)
Abbott, Elizabeth b. 1692
Abbott, Elizabeth b.1738
Abbott, Ellen b.1851
Abbott, Emma b.1868
Abbott, Ernest b.1891
Abbott, Frank Tenterden b. 1870
Abbott, George b.1704
Abbott, George Reynolds b.mid 1700's
Abbott, Geraldine Alice Ellen b.1863
Abbott, Gwen Elca Violett b.
Abbott, Hannah b. 1722
Abbott, Harriett b.1833
Abbott, Henry Ernest b. mid 1700's
Abbott, Isaac b.1788
Abbott, Isaac b.1865 - a twin
Abbott, Isaac b.1835
Abbott, James b. 1865 - a twin
Abbott, James b.1734
Abbott, James Daniel b.1786
Abbott, Jessie b.1868
Abbott, John b.1724
Abbott, John b.1658
Abbott, John b.1758
Abbott, John b.1799
Abbott, John Henry b.1796
Abbott, John Mugwell b.1792
Abbott, John Oliver b. 1853
Abbott, Joseph b. approx mid 1700s
Abbott, Julia Mary b.1858
Abbott, Maria b.approx mid 1700's
Abbott, Mary b.1732
Abbott, Mary b.1694
Abbott, Mary b.1798
Abbott, Mary Frances b.1797
Abbott, Percy b.1896
Abbott, Rachel Charlotte b. mid 1700s
Abbott, Ralph Dilnot b. mid 1700s
Abbott, Robert Alfred b.1863
Abbott, Robert Holford b.1821
Abbott, Sarah b.1699
Abbott, Sarah b.1702
Abbott, Sarah Ann b.1827
Abbott, Selina b.1857
Abbott, Sophie b. mid 1700s
Abbott, Susan Mary b. 1830
Abbott, Thomas b.1836
Abbott, Thomas b.1698
Abbott, Thomas b.1726
Abbott, Thomas b. 1622
Abbott, Thomas b. 1790
Abbott, William b.1849

Admans, Selina b.1826
Admans, Charles b.1832
Admans, Elizabeth b.1833
Admans, John b.1795
Admans, John b.1830
Admans, Mary b.1800
Admans, Mary b.1828
Admans, Samuel b.1837
Admans, Sarah b.1839

Alderman, Albert Henry b.1880
Alderman, Annie Jane b.1881
Alderman, Edwin b.1884
Alderman, Elizabeth b.1831
Alderman, Elsie b.1888
Alderman, Fred b.1891
Alderman, Hugh b.
Alderman, James b.1854
Alderman, Mabel b.1894
Alderman, Sidney b.1886
Alderman, William James b.1879


Bailey, Emma Mary
Ballard, Frank b.1851
Blandford, Ann b.1821
Blandford, Frances b.1826
Blandford, James b.1784
Bootyman, Florence
Bowditch, Emily Maud b.
Bucke, Anne b.1653
Bucke, Elizabeth b.1664
Bucke, Elias b.1590
Bucke, Elias b.1628

Bucke Elias b.1654
Buck, John b.1661

Bucke, Marie b.1660
Bucke, Sarah b.1666

Bucke, Thomas b.1626
Bucke, Thomas b.1656
Bunce, Alice b. 1724
Bunce, Daniel b.1700s
Bunce, Sarah b.1730
Butt, Frances, b.1792


Clavering, Alice b.
Cook, Sarah b.


Daniell, Catherine
Dowling, Ellen b.1884


Francis, Marie b. about 1620's

Franklin, Cecily Lysbeth Grace b.


Gardener, Edward Charles b.1888
Gardener, Dorothy Mabel b.1919 - a twin
Gardener, Elsie Blanch b.1919 - a twin
Grace, William Henry b.1853.
Gray, Albert Victor b.1915
Gray, Alfred b. 1913
Gray, Alice Selina b.1887
Gray, Amelia b.1856
Gray, Betty b.1924
Gray, Donald b.1919
Gray, Frances Catherine b.1884
Gray, Harry Charles Tasker b.1895- a twin
Gray, JamesThomas b.1892
Gray, Jean b.1921
Gray, John Alfred Bertram b.1904
Gray, John Alfred Richard b.1882
Gray, John thomas b.1853
Gray, John Thomas b.1826
Gray, Kenneth b.
Gray, Lena Francis Annie (known as Babs) b.1905
Gray, Minnie b.1890
Gray, Phyllis, b.1917
Gray, Richard, b. 1858
Gray, Robert Abbott b.1900
Gray, Tom Percy b.1897
Gray, Violet Kathleen b.1907
Gray, William b.1908
Gray, William b.1860
Gray, William Holford Isaac b.1895 - a twin
Gray, Winifred Alice b.1910


Handcock, Audrey, Mary Florence b.
Handcock, Major Robert Gordon b.
Hawkes, Ann b.1605
Hawkes, John b.1569
Heard, Ann b. 1801
Hickman, Dixie b.1591
Hickman, Elizabeth Windsor b. 1595
Hickman-Windsor, Herbert b.1707
Hickman-Windsor, Charlotte J. b.1746
Horn, Fanny b.1855
Horn, John b.1823
Horn, Louisa b.1859
Horn, Sarah b.1853
Horn, Thomas F b.1858





Lamotte, Mary b.1774
Lamotte, John Lagier b.


Macnaghten, Sir Edward C. b.


O'Leary, Mary b.1839


Pain, Alice b. 1700's
Parnell, Harry b.1878
Perkins, Edward b.1852
Perkins, Lucy b.1860
Perkins, Percival b.1858
Perkins, Vincent b.1856
Perkins, William b.1854
Perkins, William H. b.1830
Pratt, Francis b.
Pratt, John James b. abt 1847



Randall, Coby Don b.1976
Randall, William C. b.1911
Reynolds, Sarah b.about 1740


Senior, Matilda b.1853
Senior, Joseph b.1796
Senior, Mark b.1823
Senior, Mary b.1826
Senior, Melcah b. 1827
Senior, Rachel Ann b.1850
Senior, Seth b.1831
Smith, Dorothy Hope b.1825
Smith, Frederick Ellis b.1873
Smith, Daniel b.1922
Smyth, Catherine b.1916
Smyth, James b.1877
Smyth, Michael b.1833
Smythe, Penelope Mary Gertrude b.1840
Smythe, Sir John Rowland b.1806
Stuart, Emily Frances b.1805
Stuart, John (Marquess of Bute) b.1744
Stuart, George (Rear Admiral) b.1780


Toker, Ann b. 1622



Vallenduc, Sarah b.1750


Walsh Jones, Catharine b.1830
Wicher, Jane b.1832
Widdrington, Ursula b.1647
Windsor, Thomas (Earl of Plymouth) b.1627
Windsor, Thomas (Viscount Windsor, Baron Mountjoy) b.1671