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Huguenots and Walloons
Who Were They?
Strangers in Canterbury
Where Are The Records
The Quarto Series

Index of All Names
This lists all the names of all persons in the family Tree

Individual Stories
Abbott, Charles First Baron Tenterden- born 1762
Abbott, Edwin - born 1847
Abbott, Edwin - copy of criminal record

Convict Ship, The Norwood
Abbott, John - born 1724
Abbott, Robert Holford - born 1821
Abbott, Robert Holford - Extract of Winchester Assizes Conviction
Abbott, Robert Holford - copy of testimonial for Clarksons Embrocation
Gray, John Alfred Bertram - born 1904
Walsh Jones, Catharine - born 1830

Library - links to PDFs
Canterbury Cathedral Register Booke
Explanation page of the Kent Hearth Tax

Kent Hearth Tax for 1664

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Daily Life
Canterbury in the 16th Century
Canterbury in the 17th Century
Canterbury in the 18th Century
Canterbury, Isle of Wight and Southampton in the 19th Century
Southampton in the 20th Century

The Tree
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Index to Families showing Family Groups
Abbott, Charles - born 1742
Abbott, Charles - born 1762
Abbott, Charles - born 1826
Abbott, Edwin - born 1847
Abbott, Isaac - born 1788
Abbott John - born 1724
Abbott, John - born 1658
Abbott, Robert Holford - born 1821
Abbott, Thomas - born 1622
Abbott, Selina - born 1857
Bucke, Elias - born 1590
Bucke, Thomas - born 1626
Gray, Donald - born 1919
Gray, John Alfred Richard - born 1882
Gray, John Thomas - born 1853
Smith, Frederick Ellis - born 1873