John Abbott, born in the Autumn of 1762. He was christened in the church of St Mary Bredin.
The church was originally built in the 12th century and was a wooden structure, hence the name "bredin" which was the Saxon word for "boarded".

He was a wigmaker or as it was known in that day as a "perukmaker". Many of his clients were clergy of the cathedral.

He lived in an unpretentious little house situated in a narrow alley opposite the stately western entrance to the cathedral.

A tall, erect, primitive looking man, he wore his hair in a large club pigtail. He carried the instruments of his business under one arm.

He charged a penny for a shave and cut hair for twopence.

He had two sons and he made sure that they were both educated well.

Although he and his wife are noted as having two daughters by the name of Alice, it is presumed that the first Alice died in babyhood as they have a second daughter who was named Alice Elizabeth. Only three children are mentioned in his will.



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