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This man turned out to be a complete surprise in the family Tree. No one in the family seems to have been aware of a first marriage for Selina Abbott. I have managed to find out very little about him so far but will update this page as more information comes to light.

His date of birth falls somewhere between 1847 and 1848. His father's name was Francis Pratt and was a farmer.


The marriage took place on 13/09/1874 at the Roman Catholic Church of Thomas of Canterbury in Newport on the Isle of Wight. Robert Abbott, Coachman was listed as the father and the witnesses to the marriage were Patrick Barrett and Ellen Parnell (Selina's sister). At that time, Selina was 18 years old. There is no doubt that this is a first marriage for Selina.






John was a sergeant in the 102nd Regiment of Foot (they later became the Royal Madras Fusiliers) At the time of the marriage he was stationed at the Verne Barracks at Portland in Dorset.




The 102nd Regiment embarked for Gibraltar on the 15th April 1876 and were still there at the end of 1878.

Selina remarried on 19/12/1881 to John Thomas Gray and she listed herself as a spinster on that certificate.

I eventually found evidence of his death and found that sadly, he had died only 6 days after his arrival at Gibraltar.